About Lucas 

I was born in the rural town of Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba in 1995. As a kid I spent most of my free time playing outside and exploring our 7 acre forested property just outside the main stretch of town. This fostered a deep curiosity and love for nature that has sustained into my adulthood. I was lucky to be born into a family of musicians and artists, notably including my grandfather, the Manitoba painter Robert Kost. Playing music at family gatherings has been the norm for as long as I can remember, and playing the guitar will always be my first creative love. My innate desire for creative expression found a new outlet when I stumbled upon the craft of wood carving at 10 years old. After a few lessons from a close family friend, I was instantly hooked. The sound and feeling of a sharp knife moving through the wood, the sight of the beautiful wood grain revealing itself with each cut, the aromatic smells of the various woods, it all was just too appealing to ever want to put down. Now at the age of 26, working as a full-time wood carver in Winnipeg, my early fascination with the craft has blossomed into a mature and committed true love.


My work ranges from wall hanging pieces to full 3D wood sculptures. My wall hanging pieces are done in Cottonwood bark, which I harvest myself in a sustainable fashion from the banks of the Red & Assiniboine rivers. For these pieces I use an assortment of handheld chisels and gouges, and sometimes some light sanding by hand. Many of these wall hanging pieces are inspired by the pagan legends of the Green Man and the tree spirits. My larger sculptures are first roughed in with a chainsaw, and then detailed by hand with a mallet and chisel. With all of my work I strive to create more than just a physical representation, but to imbue the piece with a distinct sense of a living presence. If one can look at my work and have an experience of genuine connection, then I believe I have done my job.

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